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With the knowledge that all creation is God's artwork, and that we all are created in His image, we believe that every student has the ability to appreciate art - "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork." Psalm 19:1

Students in elementary grades enjoy Art class 1-2 times weekly.  There, they discover the fundamentals of art including concepts such as color, line, texture, perspective, form, shape, and value. They will also explore 3D methods and use a variety of mediums such as crayon, tempra, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, clay and paper mache.  Our middle school students participate in an art survey course (in rotation with a music survey class) including continuation of work in the above-mentioned skills, and art history focused activities.

Our secondary students may choose Art as an elective class.  The art classes at this level are designed to help students deepen their understanding of the foundational elements of art and to explore a variety of applications as they work to glorify God with their talent.  Again, the focus is to help them develop what God has given them, and to learn how to use that talent to glorify God and draw others to a saving knowledge of our Lord.

Each year we hold an Art Fair to showcase the work of our student artists.  From there, our elementary students participate in the Brevard County Art Fair and have been blessed to be recognized for their efforts with several awards at the county level.

Dr. Francis Schaeffer rightly states "If God made the flowers, they are worth painting and writing about.  If God made the birds, they are worth painting.  If God made the sky, the sky is worth painting.  If God made the ocean, indeed it's worth writing poetry about..  It is worth man's while to create works upon the basis of the great works God has already created."  Art and the Bible