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Mission & Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education

The Parkhurst Academy educational leadership believes that each and every student is created in the image of God. Man, while created by God, is a sinner fallen from grace by the original sin of Adam and Eve. There is a need to restore first fellowship with God and then to establish that individual as one who can fulfill the mandate to spread the good news…to serve. As such, we believe that education serves the purpose of acquainting the student with truth. As the student confronts areas in various courses of study, the student in fact is able to get glimpses of a larger truth from the Author’s truth. All truth is in fact resident in the Word of God, which is useful for, as Paul said, in correction, rebuke, and instruction. 

We believe that education to a large degree is the process whereby a student comes to wisdom by understanding truth. As a student is confronted with truth, grapples with it and makes decisions based on that truth. 

Now beyond that... we adhere to the traditional faith. God is Father, Son and Spirit. The Son was sent by the Father to redeem mankind from the consequences of sin and to provide the hope of eternal life. The Spirit has been sent as God’s comforter and God’s enlightener to indwell the believer, to enlighten his steps. The Word of God is inherent as expressed in the scriptures. It is useful for and provides a light for the path of the believer. We believe that we should be in fellowship with one another to effectively walk out our faith. 

We look at our purpose to instill within our students a view of themselves as uniquely created, loved by their Heavenly Father, and made in His image. We believe that the ultimate teacher/trainer is the parent. Fathers and mothers are primarily responsible for the development of each student. We look at our part of this educational process as an awesome, yet blessed, support to parents as we assist in training up their children in the way that they should go.

Mission Statement 

At Parkhurst Academy, we EQUIP STUDENTS FOR LIFE.