Parkhurst Academy began in 1984 as Community Christian School (CCS) The initial vision for CCS began in 1984 with a small group of concerned Christian men. Robert Burger, a local attorney, along with Jess Yates, a local dentist headed the small group of men who wanted to start an interdenominational, Christian school in which Biblical principles would be taught. At the first "official" meeting called by that founding group, the fifteen people in attendance all came from different churches. Our name, Community Christian School, therefore, seemed an obvious choice. Five local pastors were invited to serve on the first Advisory Board.

The school began with a Pre-School and Kindergarten held then (and now) on the grounds of the Tabernacle Church in north Melbourne, Florida. Senior Tabernacle-Pastor, Jamie Buckingham, a man who eagerly shared the "vision" for the founding of CCS, offered the "Tab's" buildings. He often used the term "mission" in reference to the Tab's participation within CCS.

From that foundational step, one grade has been added each year. The school currently offers K4 through post-secondary classes in both traditional and adaptive learning styles. Our first Senior Class graduated in May 1998, and we are looking forward to our twenty-first and largest class in 2019.

We just began our 2018-2019 school year in our brand new building! The 55,000sqft building has 31 classrooms, outfitted with brand-new furniture and advanced technology, along with full chapel/auditorium and a state-of-the-art science lab.

With a new building, the school’s leadership felt it was time for a name change. There are eight Community Christian Schools in Florida and the acronym "CCS" is extremely common in Brevard County. Retired board member, Maria Parkhurst’s perfect personifies the devotion of the past that helped our school reach its current position. Accordingly, we chose to rename the school Parkhurst Academy, in her honor.

Our present is nothing short of miraculous, and our future is very bright. This success has everything to do with God's graces and the prayers and support of our Parkhurst family!

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