WING Program

Workplace Innovations for a New Generation (WING) 

The mission of Parkhurst Academy is to EQUIP STUDENTS FOR LIFE. While many of our students will seek post-secondary education through colleges and universities, we recognize that path is not for everyone. Some of our students with disabilities will seek God’s calling into the working world. 

Workplace Innovations for the New Generation (WING) is designed for students with disabilities, who can function independently, but may not currently have the ability to succeed in a traditional college classroom. WING will provide intensive, pre-employment support to improve the life skills and work-readiness of young people and help them find a career. Through this program we will also help guide the student in building their faith and drawing closer in their relationship with Christ. 

The program’s focus is threefold: 

· Life Skills 

· Job Skills 

· Entrepreneurship

Student Eligibility 

WING is designed for students: 

· with learning disabilities/special needs who are independently function and able to work 

· between the ages of 17-21. Students may participate through the semester before they turn 22 years old. 

· who have not yet graduated or received a certificate of completion

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